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When you are expecting your precious baby, it can be really hard to choose a photographer who you can trust.

You will find that the communication is really important as well as there are so many type of images, poses what you can see, but every baby is different. Some of them sleeps so deeply, you can move them more times than babies, who is sensitive to be touched or moved around. Babies, who are more alert, posing them is limited to the ones, which gives them the most safest feel. So maybe makes poses are not an option for them, but for other newborns it is not a problem at all.

1. Quality:  Check out their work to see if the images are not too dark and they are well lit.

2. Safety: Check if the babies are well supported and not placed at the edge of the bucket or any other prop without soft cushions or cloths under their arms.

3. Insurance: Make sure they are insured.

4. Training: Ask the photographer if they have done any personal or online training in the art of newborn photography. 

5. Style: Every photographer produce different styles, so it is up to you what kind of work you like the most. Just take a look at their images and choose the one you like.

6. Make sure the room's temperature is warm enough for and undressed baby to photograph them naked.

You can see an example of safely photographed baby below.

The final image.

The final image.