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Tunde Katona is a Cardiff-based photographer who specialise in capturing love and emotion, providing natural, stunning, unique and romantic wedding photography. Tunde is also specialised in capturing newborns,  babies in Cardiff and South Wales and expecting Cardiff mums.

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I am Tunde and I’m very pleased to meet you! I am a photographer and I specialise in wedding, newborn and child photography. I am based in Cardiff, South Wales. I am a wife and a mother too of 2 little Yorkies. My little girls are: - Maki 2, and Maya is 1,5 year old. They bring so much fun into our lives.

I am really honoured to photograph people in love. Couples in love with each other and beautiful mums in love with their tiny newborn babies. I specialise in love filled, romantic occasions, special family occasion as an arrival of a tiny baby.

On my website you will find most of the information you will need if you are looking for a wedding photographer in Cardiff and South Wales or further afield. I can guarantee you will be relaxed and we will have so much fun during your wedding. I know this will be one of the most important day of your life and you would like to make sure everything is perfect.

I promise I will guide you and direct you in the most flattering light and locations, making you feel as comfortable as possible. My aim is to create a timeless and stunning visual narrative that really captures the spirit of your day; the laughter, the tears, the details you spent so long planning and a real sense of your style and personality as a couple.

A smile is always helpful to get a grumpy page boy to cooperate or the vicar to let me photograph the ceremony from the front. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me, just fill out the contact form.

I am more than happy to see you in person as it is important to see if you are the best fit to work with each other..
Or just call to schedule a consultation and let’s talk about how you have always dreamed of being photographed on your wedding day.



Hello Mummy to be!

If you are an expecting mother and are looking for a newborn photographer in Cardiff, it might be a little bit overwhelming. When you see so many beautiful images of sleeping babies posed in different props or positions, you need to know, it requires a huge amount of time and skill that goes into creating these images.

I always make sure the room temperature is right and your baby is safe and comfortable in every position and they are spotted all the time. I produce many images, which are composites of 2, sometimes more images and trying them home without knowing this technique is very dangerous. 

I really love taking pictures of babies as I enjoy creating a piece of art, what you and they are going to treasure for a lifetime. Something, that you can display on your wall instead of leaving it to sit in a drawer, where no one is going to see.    


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